Fundraising with sushi is easy and effective!

With a percentage of every sale going back to the school, sushi can help raise funds for all sorts of important things – from sports equipment to computers.


Sushi@School offers an easy whole term subscription service that enables volunteers to raise funds by serving sushi handrolls once per week for the duration of the term.

Parents love the sushi subscription because it’s easy, convenient, and they know their kids are getting at least one healthy lunch every week.

Once the subscription service is set up, time spent on administration is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Special Events

Fetes, fairs, festivals, sports carnivals – Sushi is a perfect food option to maximize your fundraising potential.

Sushi@School provides all the promotional materials, ordering systems and packing materials. Your school does not need to have refrigeration to be able to serve sushi handrolls or rice paper rolls. It’s easy!