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The most popular and healthy lunch choice, delivered to your school

Kids love sushi, it’s the most popular meal amongst Australian kids, plus it’s healthy, affordable and fun! Sushi@School caters for all schools whether you have a canteen or tuckshop or nothing at all. And we make it easy with our unique range of healthy and delicious lunch solutions for regular lunch orders and school fundraising initiatives.

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If Sushi@School is not being offered at your school just yet, contact us to find out how.

Here’s How It Works

Everything on the Sushi@School menu is made fresh and delivered daily using the highest quality ingredients, meticulously prepared in accordance with the strictest food safety and hygiene practices. We provide school canteens and PFA’s with solutions for regular healthy lunch orders and school fundraising initiatives.

1. Healthy Lunch Orders

  • Your canteen or tuckshop contacts Sushi@School to set up an online account
  • Simply jump on our website, find your school and submit your order
  • Order by 12noon for a delivery of freshly-made, healthy sushi the next day
  • Order from our extensive menu of individual rolls or ready-to-serve twin packs
  • Minimum order is 40 rolls

2. School Fundraising Solutions

  • Contact Sushi@School to discuss our selection of simple and effective fundraising initiatives:
    • Term Subscriptions – regular weekly sushi lunch order program
    • Sushi Days – whole school sushi lunch promotion
    • Special Events and Catering – Fairs, Fete’s, Carnivals and more…
  • With a portion of every sale going back to the school, your sushi orders can help raise funds for all sorts of important things from sports and musical equipment to computers and excursions.
  • We also help you promote your fundraiser! All schools have no-charge access to our kit of promotional posters, fliers and order form templates.